Railway & Quiz Tourism Monitor Tour, December 18

Even if you are not a railway enthusiast, you can enjoy a one-day tour to see, learn, and quiz about the various technologies that support railways in the snow country, Joetsu-city, Niigata pref.

Travel Itineraly

Meeting Time 8:30
Meeting place: Echigo Tokimeki Railway Joetsu-Myoko Station

Train departure from Joetsu-Myoko to Nihongi

Nihongi Station is one of very few remaining switchback stations in Japan
— the train actually goes past the station on one set of tracks,
then backs into the station on a separate set.

9:19 Arrival at Nihongi Station

The registered tangible cultural property
Nihongi Station Observation Tour
・snow-melting machine
・Historical Building

10:30 Head to Scenic Railway Station, “Arimagawa Station”

Arimagawa Station
Enjoy the scenery of Arimagawa Station.

11:40 Visit Dai-touzaki inclined shaft

48 meters underground, descending 415 steps to the deepest level.
You can experience the passage of a freight train through the inclined shafts.

13:10 Arrive at Itoigawa Station

13:42 Boarding Express train #2 from Itoigawa to Naoetsu

(Box lunch served on a train)

14:31 Arrival at Naoetsu Station

   Visit to Zero Kilometer Post in Naoetsu Station

  Naoetsu D51 Rail Park
   Visit the inspection room in the operation center.

16:33 Departure from Naoetsu Station

16:48 Arrival at Joetu-Myoko Station

<Tour end>

If you wish to participate, please fill out the application form and send it to the Secretariat.
(Application has been closed.)


Joestu Railway Museum Project Office
5-1-5 Yamato Joetsu-city Niigata pref
Shopping Street “Furusatto”
TEL 025-520-8777


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